The Descent

by A Voice For Vultures

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The day of Descent.

I, Jared Ens ( of A Voice for Vultures) was born on Ascension Day.
The ironic thing about this is that my name when
translated under Biblical terms means "he who descends".

This EP is a collection of tracks about the lowering of myself,
the letting go of pride and beliefs, and the ascension
of this new and improved me. One less clouded by
guilt, and riddled with confusion. One who knows
who he is and who he wants to become in the world.

I still am an unsure and shaky person, prone to worry
and prone to forgetting who I am. I still have a long
ways to go.

I still have elements of myself that need to die,
and beliefs that I need to shake off before
I can be who I hope to become. It's something
that will continue on until I die. There is
always the constant learning cycle, and
the realization that I, as a human
am imperfectly flawed.

There is beauty in imperfection though.
I hope you enjoy the Descent.

Feel free to click on each of the individual tracks
on my bandcamp to glimpse into the themes
behind each of the tracks!

Special thanks and love to all those who stood by
and helped out with recording and putting these
tracks to light.

Just a few names to rattle off :

Troy Denet ( who was so relaxed and a calm, supportive
presence while recording these tracks),
Rachell Fowlie- Neufeld, Jon Henderson, Melissa Gan, Heather Lake,
Jeffrey Popiel! All musicians who I had never met or heard
of before who lent their instruments and talents to this
small EP. I am humbled.

My parents and family! Who are super rad and
although may have some reservations with what
I have put to tape, are still supportive and loving
of the person I am.

My friends, however few you are, who have
gave me words of encouragement and let me know
that I'm not complete shit. You all rock, and
I would list you all off, but I'm afraid I would
suddenly leave one of you out, and cry myself
to sleep over my inexcusable crime. You are all
blessed and I love your bones.

Thanks to all those artists who have influenced me
and who I love and admire! A few who deeply inspired
this EP, and who will continue to inspire the future
recordings I release from this name :
Andy Shauf, Chet Baker, Dirty Projectors, Elliot Smith,
Father John Misty, Iron and Wine, Jens Lekman,
Joanna Newsom, Joni Mitchell, Lorde, MewithoutYou,
Neutral Milk Hotel, Patrick Watson, Perfume Genius,
Sufjan Stevens ...
and the list goes on. I love you all, and your voice box/
guitar box/ synth box sounds.

I will be doing my best to play these
songs for you all in various venues and live
settings across Canada ( and maybe beyond).
Let me know your thoughts.
Share the fu** and or heck out of this,
and let me know your ruminations.
Constructive criticism and feedback
is much appreciated, and a good old
knocking down of one's ego is important,
so please fire away.
With much love
XOXOXOXOX- A Voice for Vultures ( Jared Ens)


released April 1, 2016

Jared Ens- Vocals, Piano
Troy S. G Denet (work horse audio)- Bass, guitar, producing, mixing, mastering
Rachell Fowlie-Neufeld (fern) - Guest Vocals on Prisoner
Melissa Gan- Violin on Grave
Jeffrey Popiel- Vibraphone on Prisoner
Jon Henderson- Drums on Morning Mourning, Sword in my Side, and Pigs on Parade
Heather Lake- Saxophone on Morning Mourning

Special thanks to Troy at Work Horse Audio, and Levi Mayerle for the sweet artwork.



all rights reserved


A Voice for Vultures Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Plaintive piano, shaky vocals, and honest lyrics.

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Track Name: Grave
1. Solomon's Slavery

I am a slippery salmon
Soapy skin smooth as King Solomon
Blood on my scales, i am wrinkled and pale
Hunted by saints and the common

You are the fisherman
Like Jesus and his slavery bondsman
Cast your nets overboard
Get right with the Lord
drown me in pills and in problems

Who owns the lighthouse?
Who is the man on the bay?
The sharp sirens ring
Such comforting things
" your well on your undefined way"

I am a swamp savior Sammy
Scent of shit, bow low and crown me
Blood on my name, don't dismount me
for I was once king of the valley

You are the final goodbye
From the water we rinse and we rise
Grab me by the neck,
Shiver and wrecked
Like a good book set fire to belonging

Who owns lighthouse?
Who is the man on the bay?
The siren it sings, such comforting things
"Your well on your undefined way
" your heaven's just silver and gray"
" your heaven's just a shallow grave".
Track Name: Morning Mourning
Blue and gold flash across the Pines
Sirens hiss in the stillness
Stars sweep slowly shouting sock puppet sighs
like sanguine sad saps on the Lower east side
And I'm feeling swallowed alive
And I'm feeling swallowed alive
And I'm reeling..
Hit the ceiling
Swallowed alive

Black and white bars swim across the screen
Hill songs hum in resistance
Stepfather storming, staring at studio stillborn sights of your mother, a dull and dependent wine
A dull and dependent knife
Is it fear or flight?
Im feeling swallowed alive

Red ruby rise across the shallow sea
Moon caught spying like a four eyed entity
Echoes blaring, stomping at silver screened
starlets and blonde harlots
Kissing boys has never got me fired yet...
And I'm feeling swallowed alive
Yet I'm taking the steps to survive
Track Name: Sword In My Side
Sword in my side
Snake in the grass
Satan in scarlet
This too shall pass

Snail in my shoes
Nail in the grooves
Sapien ( no homo? )
My impotence broods

Just sing me to sleep
Snap both my teeth
Leave me shaking
Shaking like a leaf

Bathe me in milk
Wrap me in dark
I'm trimmed and treasured
Both sterile and stark

Birth me a king
Rare and ready
I'm calm and cautious
Be slow and steady

Sing me to sleep
Snap both my teeth
Leave me shaking
Shaking like a leaf

Sword in my side
Snake in the grass
Satan in scarlet
This too shall pass...
Track Name: Prisoner (ft. Rachel Elizabeth)
Hold my hand
For I am a wandering creature
Take off your clothes
Be both the Saint
And the sinner

I don't want to be loved
I don't want to be loved
I don't want to be loved...
I just want to be touched

Wait in line for the next
On coming disaster
I have made up
In my mind
I'm the thief,
I'm the cancer

I don't want to die
No, I don't want to die
No, I don't want to die
I don't want to be left behind

I am an statue I can not be moved
I am a river come drown in me ( x2).
Track Name: Pigs on Parade
Stains wash out of
Fabric as white
As your mothers blouse
Looks like blood brothers
Won't be shaking hands no more
Shed a tear for the general store
Where your mother works the 9-4
Placing jars on shelves she'll never reach
Dusting off books she'll never read

Sins wiped clean
White as snow
Our eyes peel back
"Whisper apt fools"
Contradiction sets in
( whimper whimper
"Let live"
Seventy times seven
I'll come crawling back)

Eyes won't shut
Concentrate on all the thoughts
We once gave up
Be strong!!
Thunder/ cave man tough
"Stay close and don't vote
Don't drink and don't smoke
Marry who you don't know"
We all end up unhappy

Swine scrubbed clean
White as snow
Our clothes stain bleach
In toxic swimming pools
Contradiction sets in
( whimper, whimper
"Let Live"
Seventy times seven
I'll come gnawing back)
Track Name: The Wicked Wolf
I am a wolf
In the wild
Come and chase
Me down you clever child
With a knife
In your hand
Please your father
Be a man

Dig your feet
In the dirt
Uproot the bright and bubbling earth
Crumple up
Your mothers book
" several steps
To self worth"

Search for safety
In something sacred
Saintly woes now forsake us
Search for bravery
In the faces you let down

I am a wolf
In the wild
Come and chase
Me down you amorous child
With a sword
In your pants
Fulfill the laws demands
Dig your claws
Into my shirt
Only until it starts to hurt
Crumple up
Your telling smirk
" were sleeping in
The Devils church".

If our thoughts are not our thoughts
Than who can lead us to our God
If not ourselves, brave as hell
We know our faults and our fuck ups all too well..

We are the wolf
Wet and wild
Come bow down
You Frail child
Beneath the father
And the sun
Set high and blazing
Above no one